author life & yallwest 2019 schedule!

Whew, life comes at you fast once you publish a book.

I’m only half kidding. The part about life coming at you fast is really referring to the fact that you realize you need to finish another book for multiple reasons and that you have a ton of other projects you WANT to pursue that may or may not depend on getting enough cred as a published author to do them and all of a sudden you’re up to your arms in stress…and plotting Avengers: Endgame fic. (This month has been WILD, you guys. WILD. From my book to Game of Thrones to Avengers…I’m surprised I’ve survived it so far.)

Anyway, since my release date a few weeks ago, things have been a whirlwind. My signing in California was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced (pics on Instagram!) and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to celebrate my debut weekend Emerald Knights Comics and Games, who truly made me feel welcome and loved. So many friends came out to support me, everyone was so thoughtful and asked so many good questions at the Q&A, and I’m pretty sure I had warm fuzzies for like, a week after. It’s been crazy (in a good way!) seeing people talk about my book on social media and share it with their friends and share their own thoughts about it — I’ve loved reading everyone’s reactions and some of the stuff has made me cry, so, ya know, a pretty on brand reaction for a first book. I just hope everyone continues to love it.

And the hype train don’t stop! I’ve got a NYC signing at Barnes and Noble on May 1st that I’m super excited about (mostly because I get to share the magic of my release with my family and friends who are local), a little surprise in May that I’ve yet to announce, AND I’m super excited to announce that I’m coming back to LA to attend my first YALLWEST festival next week! I get to be among an amazing group of authors and creatives and some of my best colleagues, I get to see my friends, and I’m just super stoked all around. The schedule is finally up on the website, and you can check out my panels below!



11 AM – Cafeteria

Join a live recording of the Women of Marvel podcast, hosted by Judy Stephens and Sana Amanat, who will be talking everything from Captain Marvel to Ms. Marvel along with a cast of Marvel comic + novel creators, as well as a few special guests.

Sana Amanat, Lorraine Cink, Sam Maggs, Judy Stephens (moderator), Margaret Stohl, Andrea Towers, Steve Wacker



12 PM – Cafeteria

Ask Me Anything style panel with some of the bestselling + most acclaimed authors you know, who also struggle with anxiety, depression, adhd + human brain suckage. Every day is a struggle for everyone, fellow humans.

Charles Beacham, Bill Konigsberg, Mallory Schleif, Victoria/V.E. Schwab, Margaret Stohl (moderator), Andrea Towers and Kiersten White



2 PM – Tent

From Captain Marvel cosplays, youtube Marvel Minutes, Dinosaur Comics and a YA podcast to nerd girl guides and superhero speak — we’ve got all the expertise you need to up your fandom game. Teens creators are encouraged to share a favorite fandom idea or to ask for help with something you’re stuck on.

Lorraine Cink, Sarah Enni, Sam Maggs (moderator), Ryan North, Judy Stephens, Andrea Towers and F.C. Yee



3 PM – Cafeteria

Some of your fave LGBTQIA+ authors come together to answer your questions about identity, coming out, supporting your LGBTQIA+ friends and family, and more!

Sara Farizan, Christine Lynn Herman, Bill Konigsberg, Abdi Nazemian, Kat Shepherd, Adam Silvera, Nic Stone, Rosiee Thor, and Andrea Towers



5 PM – Comics Area

Gwenda Bond

Ryan North

Margaret Stohl

Andrea Towers

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