Tell me a little about yourself. What do you like?

So many things! Here are a few of my favorites: Broadway, comics, over-analyzing pop culture/geek culture, superheroes and superhero movies, coffee, fantasy books, Dungeons & Dragons, running…and I’m deeply passionate about all cheese and wine.

What do you do?

I’m a writer and author! My debut non-fiction book Geek Girls Don’t Cry: Real-Life Lessons From Fictional Female Characters is available now from Sterling! You can find it in bookstores everywhere and find more information about the book here! Currently I’m an Associate Editor for Nerdist. My previous day jobs were doing PR for Marvel (working with their comics/publishing line) and writing for Entertainment Weekly.

Is there some awesome secret you can share about getting an agent and breaking into publishing?

If there is some secret, I don’t know what it is. I broke in the same way as everyone else – by researching and querying. I had my fair share of rejections, but after about a year, I got lucky and was told someone wanted to publish my book! So yes, I promise – it does happen. (For a much more in-depth story about my publishing journey and process, you can check out this post.)

Who is your agent, by the way?

Maria Vicente at P.S. Literary. She’s wonderful, she’s Canadian, and she puts up with all my first time author questions. I’m also on a quest to make her watch X-Files.

Can you introduce me to your agent? Can you help me get published?

Sorry, that’s a hard no. Besides, the payoff of putting yourself out there (and experiencing rejection/setback) is all part of the traditional publishing experience. I’m happy to share advice, and you can definitely query my agent (or other agents) directly through the P.S. Literary website. I also encourage you to research as much as you can when it comes to finding the right agent and the right way to put your project into the world, as everyone’s publishing journey is different!

What are your “essentials” when you write?

Coffee (or if I’m feeling generous, a glass of whiskey/wine) and comfy clothes. I’m good at writing in different places, but some kind of comfort – be it clothes or food or drink or location – is important if I want to be productive.

Wait, are you THAT Andrea? The one who used to write about comics and stuff at Entertainment Weekly? The one who used to write Agents of SHIELD recaps? The one who started the Sex Criminals fanclub?

I am one and the same! You can still find my comics and television and movie writing on EW and also on other outlets around the Internet. Check out my official website linked in the sidebar for a whole bunch of fun links relating to my journalism career.

You live in New York, but…you like the Red Sox?

I was born and raised in Boston, so I am a hometown sports team lifer – Sox, Pats, Celtics and Bruins! Much to my husband’s family’s dismay, I will never, ever root for the Yankees. (The Mets are okay, though. I love the Mets.)

What are you doing when you’re not writing?

I’m probably either reading, sleeping, watching my favorite television show/movie for the umpteenth time, playing Dungeons and Dragons (Critical Role has my heart forever), or having brunch. Brunch is great. Brunch should be available 24/7, along with unlimited Bloody Marys.

If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?

Black Widow has always been who I hoped I could spend my days as, so saying anyone else would just be a lie.

Which fictional characters would be a part of your girl squad? And who would be your sidekick?

Girl Squad: Black Widow, Keyleth, Rey, Dana Scully, Luna Lovegood

Sidekick: BB-8!

Who is your Dungeons and Dragons character?

A half-elf druid named Miah! She’s a little bit of a loner but great with daggers and she’s got a pretty good side-eye. Here’s a drawing of her by my talented friend from across the pond, Aviv.

Can I get a galley/ARC of your book so I can review it?

Maybe! Send me a note and I’ll see if my publisher can hook you up.

Can I interview you/talk to you about your book?

Probably! I love talking to people about my writing! Shoot me an email on my website’s contact page or send me a message on Twitter.



Zodiac sign:  Leo

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff (as sorted) and Slytherin (in my heart)

D&D race: Druid

Unhealthy food obsessions: nachos and cheese fries

I can’t live without: coffee, the Internet, my iPhone, books, my lucky d20 ring

Favorite things: clothing with thumb holes, dresses with pockets, long fall coats, full glasses of wine, quiet wooded areas in the middle of nowhere

Biggest (irrational) fears: getting stuck in elevators, cockroaches, driving over big bridges

Guilty pleasures: Instagram filters, sitting in children’s bookstores for no reason, eating entire blocks of cheese in one sitting, singing Broadway showtunes in the shower

I can’t believe you: saw Titanic 6 times in theaters, saw Hamilton 6 times (once with the entire original Broadway cast), used to figure skate competitively, have seen RENT over 100 times, can recite any film scene in Lord of the Rings on command

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